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First Journey Midwifery


First Journey offers holistic, family centered care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. 

Prenatal care with First Journey is crafted to meet the needs of each individual family. Families make informed decisions about what they want from their care, including tests and procedures. Nutrition and lifestyle choices are reviewed to keep pregnancy as healthy as possible. During prenatal care we use articles, videos, books, and birth art as a basis of exploration and discussion.

 The comfort of birthing at home with skilled and experienced birth attendants allows labor to unfold naturally, with less interruption and less need for intervention.

Care includes:

• The use of natural, non-pharmacological pain reduction techniques

• Portable water birth tub 

• Increased participation of Dad/Partner 

• Delayed cord clamping and skin to skin contact of mother and baby following birth

Alana Joy, founder of First Journey, is a Certified ProfessionalMidwife. She completed training as a Registered Nurse and is also a CertifiedYoga instructor. Alana is a native of Northern California, but her passion formidwifery led her to train and work as a midwife in San Cristóbal de las Casas,Chiapas, Mexico. She completed formal midwifery training in El Paso and isbilingual in English and Spanish. Alana has attended over 200 births, around 80of which have been at home.

In addition, First Journey also offers complete well woman care including: 
Annual exams, breast exams, paps, pelvic exams, menstrual irregularity/ pain, fertility & natural contraception programs.

First Journey also offers placenta encapsulation services.  For more information on the wonders of using the placenta for postpartum recovery and well being, please contact Alana directly.

Call today to schedule a complimentary meeting to find out moreand ask any questions you may have.