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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about midwifery?

    Q:  What if I’ve had a Cesarean Section birth in the past?

      A:  Your midwife can provide information about having a homebirth or birth center VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).

    Q:  I want a natural homebirth with a midwife, but what if there is a complication?

      A:  Licensed midwives will facilitate a transport to hospital in those rare times when they are necessary.

      The midwives are also trained and equipped to help prevent or manage certain variations or complications that may occur and are neonatal resuscitation certified as well as healthcare provider CPR certified.

    Q:  My insurance coverage is through Medicaid.  Are the midwives’ services covered?

      A:  Yes, most Licensed Midwives in New Mexico can accept Medicaid, including all managed care options.

    Q:  How do I find a midwife in New Mexico?

    Be sure to discuss your questions or concerns during prenatal appointments with your New Mexico Licensed Midwife.

    Here’s a link to an excellent FAQ: Citizens for Midwifery

(Many midwives offer a free consultation)