Q:  What if I’ve had a Cesarean Section birth in the past? 


A:  A home birth may still be an option for you. To qualify; there must be at least 18 months between your Cesarean Birth and when your next baby is to be born, and cannot have more than 1 previous Cesarean birth regardless of how many vaginal births you may of had, per NM state regulations. Your midwife can provide additional information not listed above regarding  planning a homebirth/VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). 


Q. Do you accept major insurances? 

A. Yes, most Midwives accept insurance. Check with individual midwives when setting up your consult. Generally, Licensed Midwives are considered out of network providers and Certified Nurse Midwives may be in network.
Call your insurance company and check your specific policy regarding riembursment for Home Birth, Licensed/Certified Profesional Midwives including any applicable deductibles you may have.





Q. Do you accept Medicaid? Are you part of the Birthing Options Program in NM?

A.Yes, some Licensed Midwives and Certified Nurse Midwives attending Home Birth do participate in the Birthing Options Program and accept Medicaid. Check with individual midwives when setting up your consult. 






*It's important to apply for Medicaid as soon as possible when becoming pregnant, to allow time for your paperwork to be processed. Midwives can provide the proof of pregnancy letter that you need for your application.  


Q:  I want a natural homebirth with a midwife, but what if there is a complication?


A:  Licensed midwives will facilitate a transport to hospital in those rare times when additional care is necessary. Home Birth Midwives are trained and equipped to help prevent or manage certain variations or complications that may occur and are neonatal resuscitation certified as well as healthcare provider CPR certified.




*Many midwives offer a free consultation to meet and answer your specific questions.


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